2017-05-28 12:32 中考复习 手机版

  1.Vt. 照看、照管, = look after = take care of的意思,例如:

  He promised to mind the baby while we were out.

  Mind your own business! 管好你自己的事情。

  2.Vt. 当心、注意,例如:

  Mind the wet paint. 当心,油漆未干!

  Mind you don’t fall. 小心别跌倒。

  Mind, there comes the bus. 注意,车来了。


  Do you mind if I smoke? = Do you mind my/me smoking?

  If you do that, I will never mind.= I will never mind you/your doing that.

  4.UC. 心、精神、智力、头脑、理性,例如:

  My difficulty is always in her mind.

  He has a quick mind. 他头脑反应快。

  He lost his mind. 他失去理智/发疯。

  He is absentminded. 他心不在焉。

  5.CN. 意见、想法、记忆、有聪慧头脑的人,例如:

  She always speaks her mind. (直言不讳)

  Out of sight, out of mind. (眼不见,心不想)

  So many men, so many minds. (人各有志)

  He is one of today’s greatest minds. (伟人)

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